Mordy Ducks Pinball League

It’s time to embrace your inner arcade geek.

Every week we’ll be competing on a different pinball machine that you can play on your phone. Every game is free!



Registration is now closed!

Score submissions:

Registrants will send in screenshots of their scores. Your score is that which is shown when the game is over (when the game displays the message ‘Game Over’ or similar). You can submit as many scores as you want over the course of the week. If you submit a score after the week is over, it will not be valid.


The winner of the league is the player who is at the top of the ladder after the final round.
Points will be given as follows:
First Place (i.e. the player with the highest score at the end of the week): 10 Points. There are no extra points or benefits to having the 5 highest scores (for example).
Second Place (i.e. the next-best player): 5 points
Third Place: 2 points
Fourth Place: 1 point


Weekly First Place Prize
$50 Uber Eats Voucher

League First Place Prize (Worth $185)
$50 Voucher for The Sporting Globe Mordialloc
$50 Uber Eats Voucher
Mordialloc Ducks Snood (Large Size)
Mordialloc Ducks Socks (One Size)
Mordialloc Ducks Tee (choice of Classic Tee, your size choice from our Redbubble shop)

Game 1: Pinball Arcade

Table: Big Hurt (it’s baseball themed woo!)

Start: 12am, Saturday September 12, 2020
End: 11:59pm, Friday September 18, 2020

Search for Pinball Arcade on your app store.

Game 2: Pinball Arcade

Table: Frankenstein

Start: 12am, Saturday September 19, 2020
End: 11:59pm, Friday September 25, 2020

Search for Pinball Arcade on your app store.

Game 3: Zen Pinball

Table: Sorcerer’s Lair

Start: 12am, Saturday September 26, 2020
End: 11:59pm, Friday October 2, 2020

Search for Zen Pinball on your app store

Game 4: Pinball HD

Table: Wild West

Start: 12am, Saturday October 3, 2020
End: 11:59pm, Friday October 9, 2020

Search for Pinball HD (or Pinball HD Collection) on your app store.